Application Procedure

1. The applicant should fill in the application form and affix with common seal of the company, and fax it to the Organizing Committee together with the photocopy of Business License. The stands and booths shall be allocated under the principle of “first come, first served” according to the time of application and payment of fees. One month prior to the exhibition, the Organizing Committee shall send a “Participant’s Handbook” to the participants, arrange the transportation of the exhibits and accommodation of the participants. 

2. Participants should remit the fees to the Organizing Committee within 5 days after application for (a) booth(s), failure to do so may render the reserved stand revoked. The application shall be nullified should the applicant fail to pay in full of the fees. No fee will be refunded without the approval of the Organizing Committee. Once the application is confirmed, no participation fee shall be refunded without the approval of the Organizing Committee in case the applicant wants to withdraw. The booth shall not be transferred to others or be used for products other than those related to the exhibition. Failure to abide by the abovementioned rules shall result in the nullification of the participation right. The Organizing Committee reserves the right for final arrangement of the booths.

 3. We provide preferential conditions for old participant who can get details from the Organizing Committee.

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