2018 Beijing International Jewelry Fair

General Information

1. Exhibition Information

Exhibition Name  2018 Beijing International Jewelry Fair

VenueChina International Exhibition Center Hall 1A, Hall 1B.

Registration Location Left side of Gate 1 of China International Exhibition Center.

With the copy of business license, passport and receipt for registration, the exhibitor shall go into exhibition center with the exhibitor badge.


Exhibition Date and Opening Hours:



Sep.25, 2018


Sep.26, 2018



Sep.27, 2018


   Sep.28-29, 2018

09: 00-16:30

Sep.30, 2018



    Sep.25 – 29, 2018


Sep.30, 2018




Asian Economic & Trade Development Promotion Center

Haiming International Exhibition Group


Beijing Haiming Huibo Exhibition Co., Ltd




2. Exhibition Services Institution

Beijing Haiming Huibo Exhibition Co., Ltd

Location: Room 1705, Jinhai Fushang Building B, No.21, Guangqu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing   

Postcode: 100022

Tel:  +86 10 59694548

Fax: +86 10 58850909                               



Venue Construction                                     

Beijing Qianshou Exhibition Services Ltd

Address:,132-2,Xiaopunan Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Email: 2512377734@qq.com / qianshouchina@163.com

Contact: Zhong Yang  13910328020

        Yanhong Yu  13910839546

Tel:+86 10 8059 4779 / 8059 4881   Fax:+86 10 8059 4882



Designated Cargo & Customs Services Providers

China Sinotrans (Beijing Company)

Address: No.6 Beisanhuan Dong Road, Chaoyang District Beijing (NO.400 Exhibition Center Hall 1 4th Floor)

Postcode: 100028

Tel: (010) 84601135  84601327

Fax: (010) 64677828  84601135

Contacts of Transportation Agency: Sun Jilin 13511018049


Brinks (Shanghai Company)

Address:  No.969,Dongfang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai.

Address:  8 F ,Room 807, zhouyouyangguang Hotel , Shanghai.

Contact:  Lin Wudong

Email:  Denis.Lin@BrinksGlobal.com


Fax: 86-215011-1750

Mobile: 86185-1605 5628



Special Decoration Booth Construction Company


Beijing Pan Duo Mei International Advertising Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 1903, Building 2, Jianwai SOHO, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Contact: Wang Fang  13436339171

Tel: 010-5338 3707    010-5338 3705

Email: bjpmd@126.com


 Beijing Huabo Lizhan Exhibition Service Co. Ltd
Address: No. 19, East Avenue, Gucheng village, Shunyi District, Beijing

ContactWang Kegang 18911373323 

Wang Keli 18611108928  

Wu Chunjuan 13001275818




Advertising Production Services


Beijing Xianshou International Cultural Media Ltd

Address:,132-2,Xiaopunan Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Email: 2512377734@qq.com / qianshouchina@163.com

Contact: Zhong Yang  13910328020

        Yanhong Xu  13910839546

Tel+86 10 8059 4779 / 8059 4881   Fax+86 10 8059 4882



Hotel Accommodation Services


Qingdao Haina Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Contacts: Li Cailian, Han Yanan

Tel: 0532-88770786/0532-88681278;   Fax: 0532-80687016

E-mail: qd_haina@126.com;528091927@qq.com;    

Toll free: 13730976827; 13616398551; 13863991100



3. Exhibition Venue and Traffic Information


(1)   Hall Introduction

(2)    China International Exhibition Center




(2) Traffic Information


Self-Driving: Driving forward along Sanhuan Road, turning left at the crossing of Sanyuan Xi Bridge.

Beijing Capital Airport

By Bus: - Taking bus Mini20 from Jing’an Zhuang to the capital airport.

-Taking airport shuttle from airport to San Yuan Qiao stop, then transferring by Bus No. 300, Bus No.830 to Jing’an Zhuang.

        -By Taxi: About50 from airport to CIEC.

Self-driving: To Beisan Huan East road from the south-east direction, then driving straightly along airport high speed. The distance is about 16 kilometers.

By bus: Taking bus No. 966 from the center. (Origin: Dongzhimen Stop-Terminal: Pingxifu Stop)

       -Taking metro from Beijing station to Yonghe palace stop, then transferring by bus No.606 to CIEC.

       -By Taxi: About 25 from Beijing station to CIEC.


Beijing West Railway Station: nearly 15.22 kilometers

By Bus: Taking bus to the Dongzhimen metro stop, then to Beijing Station.

       -Taking bus No. 387 from Beijing West Railway Station to Bei Taiping Zhuang, then transferring by No. 300 bus or No. 830 air conditioned bus, No. 730, No. 731 to Jing’an Zhuang.

       -By Taxi: About 40 from Beijing West Railway Station to CIEC.

The self driving exhibits must comply with the relevant provisions of the Beijing Traffic Administration on the driving of vehicles from other cities to Beijing:

A. With the "four certificates" (ID card, driver's license, annual inspection of qualified vehicles driving license, exhaust gas certificate) to the Beijing inspection station for the "Beijing City Pass

B. Trucks can't enter the Fifth Ring Road from 6:00 to 24:00.

C. In case of special circumstances, traffic control in Beijing shall be implemented in accordance with the time limit stipulated by the Beijing Traffic Administration

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