China International Jewelry Fair always adheres to the principle of providing communication and trading platforms for jewelry producers, distributors and retailers, jewelry associations, social media and general public. We will invite excellent foreign and domestic enterprises from the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, etc. Many jewelers bring primary sources of industry-leading products and share its global inventory with Chinese. With direct suppliers, China International Jewelry Fair offers professional buyers one-stop shopping, and saves their time, money and energy on the basis of quality assurance.

According to the researchwholesale orders and cooperation discussion are the main purposes of visitors; Jadeite and natural colored stone enjoy greater popularity among all products. 

China International Jewelry Fair 2017 has been comprehensively upgraded. On the basis of opening 8 Halls of China International Exhibition Center, we will make its layout settings more reasonable and humanized.

Western-style Beauty Once Again Encounters Oriental Charm

Western Jewelry enjoys great popularity in China and Euro-American retro style is especially favored by Chinese. Western civilization starts from Aegean Sea, therefore western civilization can be called marine civilization, so contact between countries is mainly achieved by sea transport. Constant voyage gradually shapes westerners’ open, active, and outgoing personality. They feel fresh about outside world and seek strong effect. However, things are quite different in China. There is no need for Chinese to go out since China already has vast territory and abundant resources. The circumstance forms Chinese introvert personality, and implicative and subtle character as reflected in jewelry.

International Design, Trend-leading of Jewelry Fashion in 2017

Making jewelry exquisite and popular by integrating multi-pop elements, this is the job of international design group. New collections of fine design jewelry are presented during the show and guide the trend of exhibition. Meanwhile, high-end design concept of ring, necklace and brooch has invaded into pavilions and filled the venue with updated fashion.

Multi-national Pavilions Contribute to the Upcoming Spring of 2017

International pavilion prevails in its specialty and integrity. During on-site discussion of cooperation, it is the great variety and high quality of products that jewelers value most about exhibition. With products from original source area and reasonable price with quality assurance, international pavilions, such as South Korea, Sri Lanka, Poland, and Thailand will make a great contribution to the upcoming China International Jewelry Fair in 2017.

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