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Mid-Autumn Night is just passed. In the night sky, a bright moon has gradually emerged. The full moon symbolizes family reunion, well-being and happiness. The full moon emits moonlight, which is fresh and romantic. Have you ever know that there is also a kind of stone in the mineral world, which seems to absorb the brilliant color of the moonlight. People call it moonstone.

Mid-autumn Day

In Chinese folklore , when the moon is full, you can meet your beloved person if you wear moonstones. Therefore, the Moonstone is called the lover's stone. It symbolizes purity, elegance, health and wealth.  American Indians regard moonstones more as sacred stones. Moonstone is also the birthday stone of June.

Chemical formula:KAISi ₃O 8

Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness:6

Relative density:2.61

Moonstone is a variety of orthoclase, which is colorless and translucent and can be processed into gemstones. Moonstone can emit light blue halo, just like the hazy moonlight.

Light of the moonstone

Orthoclase and albite grow alternately. If the interlaced layer is thin, the light will enter, and the blue light will be reflected. If the interlaced layer is thicker, when light enters, it reflects white light.

Identification of Moonstone

Cleanness is a measure of the transparency and purity of moonlight itself.

The larger the size, the better the Moonstone with the same purity and optical effect. People prefer moonstone with more complex and rare light.

The blue color of the moonstone is crystal clear, and the transparency of the moonstone is very high. Moonstone of good quality will be translucent, and the light eye will be in the middle position.

Moonstone halo is unique, only visible in a specific direction. When rotating, the halo often moves in sheets.

Place of origin

Moonstones are found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Brazil, Mexico and the Alps in Europe. They are also produced in Inner Mongolia, China. Of these, moonstones from Sri Lanka are the most precious. 

Maintenance of stone

Moonstone is brittle with low hardness. When wearing, you should avoid collision. Therefore, it should be avoided to store with other jades in order to avoid the surface being scratched.

The moon, minerals and gemstones on the earth all have eternal beauty.
No matter where you are, you can enjoy a bright moon with your family and friends. 

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