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   After more than two months of fighting against the new coronavirus, Beijing has entered the track of normal operation of the city and enterprises orderly resumed to work. In June, it is the "explosive" consumption season for the jewelry market. Many jewelry wholesalers, dealers and retailers will start to work after the epidemic, which is the best time to look for and design new products, restock supplies and master the trend of the industry.

China International Jewelry Fair 

| June 19-22, 2020 |

| China International Exhibition Center |

Grand event in Beijing

Approved by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and co-sponsored by China International Exhibition Center Group and Haiming Group, China International Jewelry Fair has been held for 9 years since 2011. The fair has been strongly supported and actively cooperated by exhibitors and visitors, and enjoys a high reputation in the world and ranks among the top three jewelry exhibitions in China.

Jewelry from the world

The fair will gather more than 1,000 exhibitors, including jewelry enterprises from 25 countries and regions as well as domestic provinces and cities. It is estimated that more than 50,000 buyers will visit and purchase. After careful consideration, the organizing committee extended the fair to June, a golden month of trade. In the stable period after the epidemic, with the recovery of market confidence, suppliers and buyers can talk with each other and bring high-quality commercial resources to exhibitors and jewelry practitioners.

New starting point, new opportunity

In 2018, China's luxury consumption market accounted for 1/3 of the global luxury market share. Jewelry, as one of the representatives of luxury goods, has been favored by more and more high-end net worth people in recent years, especially in Beijing, the capital of China's political and cultural center, with per capita GDP ranking the first in China, the proportion of jewelry consumption rising steadily, showing strong market demand and purchasing power. In 2018, the total consumption of jewelry accounted for more than 22% of the total consumption of luxury goods in China.

 Exhibition Venue--China International Exhibition Center 

China International Exhibition Center Group Co., Ltd. (China Exhibition Group) is an enterprise directly under the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. Established in 1985, the company's headquarter is located at No. 6, East Beisanhuan Road, Chaoyang District. Now it has developed into a group enterprise integrating exhibition hall management, domestic exhibition, overseas exhibition, exhibition engineering, exhibition transportation, exhibition advertising and other businesses. It has an important position and influence in the exhibition industry at home and abroad. It is the Vice president unit of China International Chamber of Commerce, the director unit of China Exhibition Association, and it is the first Chinese member to join the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) and International Associationof Exhibition and Events (IAEE).

Haiming Group, as the sponsor, is currently the vice president unit of CCES, member of UFI and member of SISO. It is honored as Top Ten Brand Group Exhibitors and Top Ten Private Enterprises in China's Convention and Exhibition Industry. China International Jewelry Fair 2020 will be focusing on building a platform for exchange and transaction for jewelry production, dealers, associations, media and other social masses.

Exhibits Profile

Diamond and Gemstone

Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Semi- precious stone, Tourmaline.


Gold jewelry, Platinum jewelry, Silver jewelry, Karat gold and palladium jewelry, Finished gem-set jewelry.

Pearl, Coral and Amber

Freshwater PearlSeawater Pearl, Coral, Amber and beeswax.


Jadeite,Hetian Jade, Shoushan Stone, Bloodstone, Qingtian Stone, Crystal, Xiuyan Jade, Turquoise.


Jewelry Processing Equipment, Jewelry Tools, Detection Device, Cleaning EquipmentDisplay and Packaging Supplies.

Mineral and Gemstone

Gemstone, Mineral, Fossil.

Designers' works

Fashion Jewelry

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts, Blackwood furniture, Artworks, Collection.

Themed Pavilions

From the perspective of product, design and art, the exhibition will create 10 themed pavilions with unique creativity and diversification, combining different jewelry, minerals and clock features into the product elements, and create unique scene marketing through the construction of the booths, so that different product designs gather together to make wonderful surprises, deduce the infinite possibility of space display, and bring the audience new visual enjoyment.

 Exhibition area introduction


Jadeite & jade 

The jadeite and jade exhibition area combines well-known jewelry and jadeite enterprises such as the Sihui Jade Expo City, Hengfuzhizun and Mangshi Pavilion with industrial characteristics to create a jewelry and jade jewelry trading platform with rich contents, distinctive features and perfect functions.


 International  colored gems

Specially invite the Thailand Jewelry and Gem Association, Sri Lanka Pavilion, Australia Opal Pavilion, and exhibitors from India , Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colombia and other places of origin to jointly build a great show.



Fine enterprises including ANGEPERLE, Jiudie Pearl, Mingrun Pearl, Aizhibao. The exhibits covers the South Sea pearl, Tahiti pearl, Akoya pearl, freshwater pearl, the North Sea pearl and excellent pearl design works, presenting a high-quality pearl feast for the industry.


Amber and beeswax

Exhibitors from Poland pavilion, Songgang Amber Trading Center and other pavilions display all kinds of novel amber and beeswax, gold and silver jewelry, finished fashion setting jewelry.


 Domestic jewelry manufacturers

Boutique competitive pavilions join the exhibition by group, showing comprehensive strength of jewelry markets concentrately. Shuibei pavilion, Newway Pavilion, Zhuoyuexin pavilion and Jewelry manufacturers pavilion all organized excellent enterprises to join the exhibition respectively.



Famous jewelry designer in China Taiwan、Crown Jewellery、Baicheng Jewelry Art (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd and many independent designer brands, displaying contemporary jewelry design art.


 Colored diamonds,  naked diamonds and lab-grown diamonds

Yuexin diamond、Ruinai Jewelry、 Montnoble Jewelry Limited (HK) and other main manufacturer、distributors, processing factories and brands to meet the diversified needs of diamond consumers.


Fine jewelry setting

It is a popular exhibition area specially designed to display the corporate image of high-end brands and precious jewelry. Many quality exhibitors, such as South Korea pavilion, China Taiwan Jingcai pavilion, Qicaichuanqi Jewelry, Baowa jewellery, Shiku Jewelry, Fine Filligree, etc., are all here.


Mineral, fossil, meteorite and popular science 

Guilin Mineral Crystal Association, member units of the National Geological Museum, and private collectors of minerals settled in the exhibition, striving to build a platform for exchange and sharing for mineral, fossil, meteorite associations, enthusiasts and collectors.


Arts and crafts master

Ziyuntiangong Duan inkstone Art Museum, redware, ceramics, craftsman and high end collection gather together.

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