Exhibition News » High turnover is reached at China International Jewelry Fair

High turnover is reached at China International Jewelry Fair

China International Jewelry Fair 2019 attracted many jewelry fans from the local and surrounding cities of Beijing, such as Tianjin, Hebei and Henan. The warmly and harmonious atmosphere creating an amazing high turnover rate.


Centralized Jewelry Purchasing Place

Good deals, good news

Ten Themed Pavilions

Brilliant colours fill your eyes


Jadeite products are very popular in the market. Many professional buyers and high-end consumers deal in hundreds of thousands to millions of high-end products. Most of the jadeite buyers said, "There is not so much pressure to buy products in this price range. And we prefer the exhibits because of their collection value."


Pearl products mainly focus on elegant and high-end design, and women aged 35-50 are more fond of them. Bold, exquisite and fashionable small pieces are mainly purchased by younger ladies. In addition, a large number of wholesale professional buyers have high purchasing power.

Diversified gemstone products are more and more favored by buyers. Besides diamonds and sapphires, various gem-set products of such as pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, emeralds and tourmalines are also popular.

Poland is a representative of the global amber mining, manufacturing and trading industries. At this jewelry exhibition, 17 exhibitors from Poland brought the raw stone and finished jewelry of amber and beeswax to the audience. The quality and price of amber and beeswax are recognized by professional buyers.

Independent Designers'exhibition area has become a gathering place of fashion trends. These original design works with unique ingenuity and artistic charm are highly popular among young consumers.

Red coral jewelry with diversified items and exquisite design is favored by many buyers. Italian Red Coral attracts buyers' attention because of its rich and beautifubright red color and delicate texture.



As Australia's national treasure, Opel is favored by buyers because of its changeable colors, and its market heat around the world is also rising.

Gemstone and Mineral

In addition to attracting mineral and crystal enthusiasts, the Mineral Pavilion also enables industry peers to communicate with each other, and attracts the favor of jewelry exhibitors. For ordinary visitors, it is also attractive to visit mineral exhibition areas.



Wonderful activities

blob.pngImmersed in the world of jewelry

Listen to designers talk about moments of inspiration


blob.pngForum on Minerals

See how experts look ahead to market trends


Interactive activities of pottery-making

in Hall 5

Joyful experience.

The China International Jewelry Fair 2019 focuses on the development trend of the industry and always maintains a leading position, presenting a professional jewelry exhibition. 

Every piece of jewelry carries its own story, waiting for you!

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