Exhibition News » Shanghai International Jewelry Fair 2018 achieved huge success!

Shanghai International Jewelry Fair 2018 achieved huge success!


Sponsored by Haiming Group and Asia Economic and Trade Development Promotion Center,

organized by Shanghai Haizhiming Exhibition Co., Ltd.,

The 19th Shanghai International Jewelry Fair 2018

had its perfect closing at Shanghai Exhibition Center.

As the last jewelry exhibition in 2018,

19th Shanghai International Jewelry Fair attracted more than 400 exhibitors from ten countries and regions.

With more than 8,000 square meters exhibition area, the fair is truly a wonderful jewelry feast for Shanghai residents.

According to statistics,

during the four-day exhibition,

over 20,000 people attended the scene.

On-site popularity and turnover reached a record high.



As the prestigious exhibition of 2018, the fair brings a complete variety of goods of various styles and excellent quality. Natural emerald, glittering  jadeite, beautiful and moving colorful jewelry, exquisite pearls, amber and beewax ornaments, classical art collection and so on, attracted many consumers.

Buyers not only enjoy a wonderful visual feast, but also enjoy the most "favorable" discount price throughout the year. Many visitors say they haven't spent enough time within in the four days.

After 18 years of precipitation, Haiming Group has mature and efficient organizational and operational capabilities. In order to make customers do business more convenient, the target VIP customers are invited one-to-one. The quantity and quality of professional buyers are constantly rising over years. Once again, Haiming Group has achieved the maximization of the exhibition effect and obtained high praise from exhibitors and the audience.

Exclusive videos

The success of each exhibition can not be separated from the hard work of the staffs, and the strong support of exhibitors and visitors. Here we express our sincere thanks to everyone who came to our fair. Want to know the real effect of the exhibition? Let's listen to the voice of the exhibitors.

△Exhibitors's voice

△ Fair summary interview with Ms Wang, the fair director

The closing battle of 2018 ended smoothly and the wonderful future is still going on. We will continue to move forward in 2017. We look forward to seeing you again in Shanghai.

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