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An ideal place for purchasing jewelries

Beijing International Jewelry Fair 2018——an ideal place for you to purchase jewelries.

Since two days after the grand opening ceremony, Beijing International Jewelry Fair has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign jewelery lovers to gather in Beijing to appreciate and choose the treasures. Daily passenger flow broke previous records, huge turnover was achieved.

Everyone loves jewelries

According to on-site interviews with audiences and exhibitors as well as registration number at the testing center, many professional buyers have made considerable transactions. There are individual transactions that reached one or two hundred thousands. And some of the companies have made more than one million turn volume. Judging from the closing situation of the exhibition site, the jewelry consumption market in Beijing has beenwarmer. 

Jadeite,  antiques, colored stones inlay and turquoise are more popular among consumers.

Benefit the People, first hand prices

The fair coincides the theme of "culture, benefit the people and consumption" of the 6th Beijing Benefit the People Cultural Consumption Season. You can buy first hand high quality jewelres from more than ten countries and regions around the world with reasonable prices.

Worth buying exhibits of reliable quality. As a jewelry lover, how can you miss this great chance for purchasing jewelries and treasures?

The most quality purchasing event

Beijing International Jewelry Fair 2018 provides an excellent jewelry purchasing place for jewelry buyers, retailers, Web merchants and other professional buyers , as well as the jewelry lovers in Beijing.

While you  are selecting the jewelries, the organizing committee strictly controls the quality of the exhibition, and provides free authoritative agency identification services. The idea of "Purchase after identifivation" protecs buyers' rights and interests.


 9:30-16:30  of Sep 28-29th

9:30-15:00  of Sep 30th

There are only 2 days left before the closure of Beijing International Jewelry Fair.

Come and join us at Beijing International Exhibition Center. 

You will find the right one for you and your family!

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