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August 10-13th,2018 


Shanghai New International Expo Centre Hall N1 


Asia Economic and Trade Development Promotion Center 

Haiming Group 


Shanghai Haizhong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd 

    From August 10 to 13th, 2018, Shanghai International Jewelry Fair 2018 was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. 

    Well-known jewelry exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions were invited to attend. The exhibition covers an unprecedented wide range of countries and regions, super-large-scale luxury exhibition pavilions gathered in Shanghai.

     As the first summer fair in East China, Shanghai International Jewelry Fair sponsored by Haiming Group is highly expected by the industry. 

Building the largest international jewelry exhibition in East China in summer.

     In line with the purpose of making business more convenient for customers, during the fair, we met the needs of exhibitors as far as possible. In the exhibition area, staffs and security were patrolling continuously, equipping with an omnidirectional monitoring system to observe in real time. We are committed to building the largest international jewelry exhibition in East China in summer. Sitting at the most prosperous economic center in East China, Shanghai's fashion consumption industry becomes the best choice, where exhibitors will have a strong brand promotion. 

     The Shanghai International Jewelry Fair will further form the trend of International Exhibition Pavilions participation. The support of the famous international jewelry exhibition groups from the United States, Poland, Sri Lanka and Thailand will further accelerate the pace of internationalization. The layout of jewellers in Europe, America, Africa, the Baltic Sea and the Middle East will be the development strategy of this exhibition, gathering world resources and creating the most powerful purchasing power of jewelry feast. 

Professional buyer invitation 

    The quantity and quality of professional buyers determine the success of the exhibition. We forwarded the exhibition information to professional audiences through telephone invitation, We chat, emails and other means. The target VIP customers are invited one-to-one. The on-site professional audiences can enter the exhibition without tickets, achieving a high proportion of 80% of the on-site visitors are professional. 

 Jewelry clusters 

    In order to let the exhibition truly realize covering the East China and South China, the Organizing Committee of the fair went deep into the major jewelry clusters along the Yangtze River in China and communcated with the Yangtze River Delta Antique Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Haipai Jade Carving Culture Association, Zhejiang Pearl Industry Association, China Antique City Alliance, Jiangsu Gold and Jewelry Industry Chamber, Yunnan Wenshan Jewelry Industry Association, Huanglong Jade Association, Sichuan Liangshan Agate Association and other organizations to organize professional buyer groups activities.

Jewelry collection from all over the world 

    This exhibition gathers first-hand jewelry from the world with first-class quality and first-hand price. Deep development of jewelry varieties and mastery of first-hand industry resources Polish Amber and Sri Lanka's very shiny and eye-catching sapphires have long been regarded as the finest of sapphires, showing a unique velvety texture and appearance; the king of emeralds, Colombian emerald, is a valuable gemstone variety; Thailand colored stones, Myanmar's jadeite... This fair is the great jewelry feast that can not be missed. 

International exhibitors 

    Hundreds of brand exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, including South Korea, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Myanmar have participated in the exhibition. The jewelry design of Taiwan Crystal Color Pavilion is eye-catching. Jewelry inlay and antiques interpreted the "Chinese style"; Haipai Jade Carving Culture Association brought a feast of jade carving; K gold jewelry from Italian craftsmanship attracted the visitors; Australia's bright colorful Opal were shining… 

The Third "most beautiful exhibits" Selection Contest 


Witness the precious moment 

    Our information investigators and salesmen form Haiming Group awarded prizes and certificates for exhibitorstogether for the third session of the "most beautiful exhibits selection”. We look forward to a brilliant future! 

Powerful Media promotion 

Exhibition statistics 

    This exhibition attracts more than 20 countries and regions to join, the degree of internationalization is further enhanced and the international influence continued to strengthen. 

    Half of the exhibitors are from mainland of China, and the rest of exhibitors are from China Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Poland and other foreign countries. 


Auience analysis 

    As the largest exhibition in East China, Shanghai International Jewelry Fair has continuously strengthened its audience's organizational ability and professional market influence. The exhibition brought more than 50,000 buyers from nearly 11 countries and regions to purchase and visit, and strived to build an exchange and trading platform for jewelry production, dealers, associations and the media.

 64% of audience are professional, the most interested jewelry is jade and emeralds. Most of audience come to know the industry trends and to purchase. 

Satisfaction survey 

    Near 80% of both exhibitors and audience showed their satsfaction to the fair this year. 

    Over the years, the improvement of customer satisfaction is the top priority. This year, Audience satisfaction increased by 12% over the same period last year, and exhibitors' satisfaction increased by 6%. 

    To improve the Customer satisfaction will still be the core work of the organizing committee.         

     We look forward to meeting you at the Shanghai International Jewellery Fair next year on August 9 th , 2019 at the New International Expo Center.

    Thank you for your participation and attention! 

Organizing Committee of Shanghai International Jewelry Fair 

August 16th, 2018

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