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Just at the beginning of the new exhibitor recruitment of Beijing International Jewelry Mineral and Gem Fair 2020, exceeded 75% booths are reserved within only 1 month. We are here to remind you not to miss the best time to order your booth. We are looking forward to creating this magnificent feast of jewelry industry with you!

The hot booth sale has been anticipated, but its amazing speed is beyond our expectations.

Within just one month, we have miraculously completed 75% of the booth sales. Let us  unravel the mystery and highlights behind Beijing International Jewelry, Mineral and Gem Fair 2020.

Flagship exhibition

Being held in Beijing, capital city of China, the fair's influence covers North China, Northeast China, central China and southwest China.

Attracting high-quality jewelry manufacturers to attend, Beijing International Jewelry, Mineral and Gem Fair 2020 is a large-scale and high professional jewelry channel procurement and Trade Fair in the northern region.

Authoritative platform, covering all channels

During the past 20 years, Haiming Group have been exploring northern jewelry publicity channels. Now, it has authoritative professional jewelry buyer resources to help enterprises to quickly build jewelry distribution , traditional retail distribution channels and online distribution channels, forming an authoritative platform for commercial expansion.

Unique geographical advantages

Beijing is one of the largest consumer markets, with a large number of headquarters of government and business, enterprises and institutions, which will help exhibitors connect with high-quality end customers.

According to the investigation of previous exhibitions, in addition to the buyers from Beijing, there are also professional buyers from North China, Northeast China and South China. The one-stop exhibition covers buyers from key regions in China.

Full year trading platform

In 2020, Haiming brand series exhibition has arranged three important exhibitions in Beijing. In addition to the China International Jewelry, Mineral and Gem Fair 2020 on June 19-22, the Beijing International Jewelry, Mineral and Gem Fairs scheduled on September 3-6 and December 18-21 are also long-expected.

Provide the jewelry channel with an annual purchasing and trading platform, and provide you with more business opportunities.

Online platform and efficient service

Through the Wechat group of exhibitors and audience, we can timely understand the needs of both sides, accurately connect with customers, and provide you with more procurement information transmission services at any time.

△Group chat

Jewelry exhibition online APP creates a year-round promotion platform for exhibitors, including intimate functions such as individual enterprise publicity and business negotiation, etc. There's still a lot more services out there to be explored.

Beijing International Jewelry, Mineral and Gem Fair 2020

Booth plan

China International Exhibition Center · Hall 1F

Only 25% booths left!

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Beijing International Jewelry, Mineral and Gem Fair 2020

10 million market buyers

Top purchasing power in China

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