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 Perfect Ending

A fall of seasonable snow gives promise of a fruitful year. In the romantic winter snow, Beijing International Jewelry, Mineral and Gems Fair 2019 met the last day of the exhibition. Thanks for the support of exhibitors and audience friends, the 4-day exhibition has gained a lot of highlights

  Brands convergence & scale upgrading

The end of the year is coming. The show is not only a year-closing show of Haiming jewelry exhibition, but also a gathering of old friends in the industry. In the process of communication and negotiation, we have matched the most perfect cooperation parties for the jewelry industry and welcome a new wave of year-end trading frenzy!

Beijing International Jewelry, Mineral and Gems Fair 2019 has an area of 2,0000 square meters, gathering 500 domestic and foreign brand enterprises, and releasing more than 10000 new winter products. Brands from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Pakistan, Italy, Poland, China Taiwan, China Hong Kong and other 20 regions gathered here! It brings different new experience to the audience, and gets the unanimous praise from the exhibitors and the audience.

New orders arrive continuously  

Relying on the experience of 19 years of exhibition operation, with its high-end exhibits and strict quality control, the exhibition has attracted a large number of visitors to come and purchase. During the exhibition, the trading volume broke the historical record and the turnover reached a new high repeatedly.

The exhibition lasted for 4 days to present a jewelry feast for the audience, making this winter warm and harmonious! Through this exhibition, we fully displayed the fashion elements and multi culture of Beijing, and addressed the openness, modernity, vitality and fashion of North China!

Crowd surges

On the second day of the exhibition, a large number of jewelry WeChat  dealers (agent) and store merchants from North China came to purchase. Every booth was open to the public and was crowded with visitors. According to the professional visitors, there are many brand enterprises and various types of exhibits in this exhibition, which meet the communication and purchase needs of buyers.

          Resplendent jewellery         


#Classic inheritance

Jadeite and Jade#


#Noble and elegant 

colored gems#


#Gentle and warm

 pearl jewelry#


#Chinese style original design works#


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