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Competition Introduction

Beijing International Jewelry Fair 2019 will be held at China International Exhibition Center from December 13th to 16th.

Relying on Beijing's unique historical and cultural background and the resource advantages of fashion industry in the cosmopolitan city, this exhibition will launch Beijing International Jewellery Design Competition 2019 with the help of creative design and elaborate creation of an exhibition area featuring independent designers. The competition advocates the integration of Chinese elements into jewelry design, encourages the combination of traditional culture and modern fashion in original design, and aims to explore more excellent jewelry design works and talents, so as to build an open and inclusive competition platform for the jewelry design industry.



In recent years, Chinese-style jewelry has been favored by more and more people in the tide of the times, and has been recognized by more and more people in the world. Chinese tradition should be rooted deeply in the heart of the designers. Every designer's unique feeling and understanding of Chinese traditional culture will become a treasure in jewelry art.

With the theme of "Chinese Style", this competition is open to all professional jewelry designers and design enthusiasts participating in the Beijing International Jewelry Fair 2019 to solicit creative jewelry design works.



1、Best Design Award(1 quota)

Voucher of RMB 1,000 for China International Jewelry Fair 2020, honorary certificates and trophy

2、Best Creative Award(1 quota)

Voucher of RMB 1,000 for China International Jewelry Fair 2020, honorary certificates and trophy

3、Most Fashionable Award(1 quota)

Voucher of RMB 1,000 for China International Jewelry Fair 2020, honorary certificates and trophy

4、Network Popularity Award(5 quotas)

Honorary certificates and trophy

All the award-winning works will be displayed at China International Jewelry Fair 2020 and will be promoted by the mainstream media.



1、Professional Media

①China Gem News(WeChat、APP、newspapers and magazines)

②21 Gem(WeChat、banner diagram、official website)

③www.zbsqw.com(Official website、magazines、WeChat)

④Hong Kong Jewelry Star(Official website、magazine)

⑤FORTUNE JEWELRY(Official website、magazines、WeChat)

⑥www.fengdi.com(Official website、magazines、WeChat)

⑦Kin Zhuo Jewelry Horizon(Official website、magazines、WeChat)

⑧China Jewelry Merchants Network(Official website)、China Jewelry Franchise Network(Official website)

⑨www. 959.com(Official website)

⑩China  Gold News(Magazines、Official website)

⑪China View Stone(Official website、WeChat)

2、Mass Media

①TV Media: CCTV-2, BTV,

②Network media(ifeng, Youku, Tencent, People.cn, Aiqiyi, PPS, Caixin, Yicai.com, Huanqiu, LeTV, Tudou, China Economic Network, etc.)

3、New Media

①WeChat Moments②Tik Tok/Today's headlinesCommunity Advertising Baidu Haiming International Jewelry Exhibition Public WeChat Account Haiming Sina Weibo ⑦ 10 new media platform including Sohu, NetEase, yidianzixun、baijiahao, kuaichuan, etc.




(1)Solicitation :Sep 9th~Nov 9th

(2)Internet Voting Channel Opeing: Nov 15th

(3)Announcement Date:Dec 10th

1、Competitor qualification

(1)The competition is open to all jewelry professionals and design enthusiasts participating in Beijing International Jewelry Fair 2020.

(2)Entry is allowed as an individual or a studio.

(3)No extra entry fee is charged.

3、Award Rules

(1)During the review process, all information will be kept strictly confidential.

(2)The selection criteria are based on five factors: the accuracy of theme expression, the originality of graphic expression, the artistry of expression techniques, the processability of works and the wearability of ornaments.

(3)The right to interpret the final results of the contest is owned by the competition organizing committee, which is not controversial.



1.  Works should conform to the theme and be innovative, focusing on highlighting creativity.

2.  The participating design drawings should be accompanied by 100-300 words design instructions, including designer's introduction, the name of the work, creative concept, material description, whether the work is 1:1 size, etc. If there is no design instructions, it will be considered invalid.

3.   Participants are requested to submit the original electronic version of their works and design instructions to the designated mailbox of the Organizing Committee of the Competition xjy_1995@qq.com before 5:00PM on November 9th, 2019.

4. The categories of works include but are not limited to: single rings, set rings (combination), earrings, fashion pendants/chains/chockers, personal overlapping bracelets, functional accessories, etc.

6. The design drawings of the entries can be drawn by hand or by computer (the manuscripts need to be scanned/photographed by themselves)

7. The entries must be the original works of the contestants themselves. They may not submit more than one manuscript, but one person may submit multiple manuscripts.

8. For those who plagiarize or imitate the works of others will be disqualified and exposed. The contestant will also bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

9. The right to use the design of all prize-winning works and entries and the copyright of the design belongs to Haiming Jewelry Exhibition.

The right of final interpretation of this event belongs to Haiming Jewelry Exhibition.

The stage of dreams has been set up!

Please keep an eye on Beijing International Jewelry Design Competition 2019,

Opening your road of Creative Design!

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Date and Venue


China International Exhibition Center

(No. 6 Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

The number of exhibitors increased by 20% compared with the previous year with more than 500 domestic and foreign enterprises

Exhibition area of 10,000m²

Bring together high-quality resources of the industry and share infinite business opportunities with you!

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